Founded on the Highest Ethical Standards


Westside Produce was founded on the principle of providing melon growers with an honest and reliable partner for their products, while delivering exceptional customer service and strong financial returns. Since 1993, we have done just that and the commitment shows: our growers are among the top quality producers in the industry.


Continuing to Evolve

We have a vested interest and commitment to our grower base, the lifeblood of our company. As the industry and consumer preferences change over time, Westside Produce leads the pack at adapting to an ever-changing marketplace to retain high demand for our growers top quality product.  We continually strive to provide our growers with the latest horticultural and harvesting information, keeping up with the trends and techniques that help produce higher yielding product that is best suited for the consumer space.  Westside Produce is committed to the ongoing change necessary to provide cantaloupe and honeydew growers a premier place in the market.

Ongoing Support


Our support of growers goes beyond signing contracts and performing our marketing role.  We support our growers unlike any other melon handler and work hard to develop long-term, trusting relationship that are mutually beneficial.  We understand that a long-term relationship of trust and assistance throughout the process is the key to success in our industry.  From daily harvest reports, delivered to each grower by lot to highly detailed accounting of final sales and reconciliation, we strive to provide all relevant details to our growers in a timely manner.


Westside Produce growers understand our main objective: To grow, source and handle the finest quality cantaloupe and honeydew melons.