Honeydew melon belongs to the Cucumis melo L. Inodorus group which includes crenshaw, casaba and other mixed melons.

Maturity Indices

Honeydews are harvested by maturity and not by size. Maturity is difficult to judge because no clear abscission (slip, separation) from the vine occurs. Maturity classes are grouped predominantly by changes in ‘ground color' from greenish to cream with yellow accents.

Quality Indices

Well-shaped nearly spherical and uniform in appearance. Absence of scars or surface defects, no evidence of bruising, appears heavy for size, surface waxy and not fuzzy.

U.S. grades are No. 1, Commercial and No. 2. Distinction among grades is based predominantly on external appearances. Sizing is based on count per 13.6 kg (30 lb.) container, most typically 4 or 5, and occasionally 6 melons per carton. High quality appearance is protected, in part, by packing with a partition to protect melons from bruising, compression and scuffing.