Commercial Cooling



Westside Produce operates a state of the art, forced air cooler in Firebaugh, California. The facility offers efficient operation, high air flow fan capacity, and is accessed and maintained by a 21st century computer management system (CMS). With its sixteen tunnels, melons are covered and cooled from temperatures above 100 to below 40 in approximately four hours. Barcoding technology and a custom inventory management system ensure that cartons are shipped quickly, accurately, and reported on demand.

Receiving Product Forced Air TunnelsForced Air Tunnels















In addition to tracking product from the field, through the cooler to final shipment at the pallet level, Westside Produce also tracks individual boxes.  The process employed by Westside Produce provides full, carton level visibility for each and every shipment, thus allowing us to trace the product from final shipment back to the field, crew and pack date in real-time.  This trace back plays an important role in a comprehensive traceability system, as once a field, crew or date is identified, we can track and trace every box shipped with an identified characteristic through to its ultimate destination.