Our Story


In the late 1940’s, Jess Telles, Jr. and his brother Frank began farming in California and Arizona. The brothers formed Telles Ranch Incorporated (TRI) in 1953 and within a decade they were farming over fifty-thousand acres of cotton, melons, tomatoes, lettuce, barley, and wheat.

By the late 1960’s, TRI had risen to prominence as one of the world’s largest growers and shippers of cantaloupes and honeydews.

In 1975, Stephen Patricio was hired as Chief Financial Officer of the diversified TRI entities, including the produce, citrus, transportation, dairy, and cotton operations.

In 1986, Jim Malanca became Sales Manager of TRI Produce, overseeing day to day sales and marketing of cantaloupes and honeydews in California and Arizona.


In the early 1990’s, TRI Produce transitioned from shed packing to field packing and Jess, Stephen, and Jim formed Westside Produce. The new entity operated as an independent handler of the finest quality cantaloupe and honeydew melons in the Central San Joaquin Valley of California.

In 1994, Salvador Alaniz replaced his father, Eliseo, as Harvest Manager. Under his leadership, harvest efficiencies were further optimized and greater emphasis was placed on quality control.

By the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, Westside Produce represented a diversified grower community and established itself as an industry leader in both service and quality.

In 2004, Jess passed away at the age of 84. In his wake, he left a lasting legacy and brand synonymous for doing things the right way.

Our History Timeline

Westside Produce has journeyed through a remarkable trajectory in the cantaloupe growing and distributing industry evolving from its humble beginnings to becoming a leader in the field, marked by significant milestones, innovative farming practices, and a steadfast commitment to quality and sustainability.


In 2005, Garrett and Blake Patricio were hired to facilitate changes in operations, finance, accounting, and information technology. Over time, the food safety program has been overhauled, enhanced traceability systems have been integrated into receiving, inventorying and shipping, new harvesting equipment has been deployed, and a 5-acre, 1.2MW solar project has been built to achieve energy independence.

Youthful exuberance, innovative technology, and transparency have contributed to the success of Westside Produce. Looking ahead, we will continue to innovate, improve our product offerings and harvesting techniques, and remain transparent to our growers, suppliers, and consumers.